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VÖ: 21.11.2014
“These Bedford boys aren’t afraid to take the inspiration of Iron Maiden and the rationale of Dream Theater and make the combination work for them. Still very young, they’ve already got a formidable live reputation.” (‘Prog’ magazine, UK)

Storming out of England with all of the bombast and bravado of their heroes comes HeKz! Fresh from recording their self-financed, self-produced debut album ‘Caerus’, the boys from Bedfordshire are ready to unleash their refreshing take on progressive metal onto the international metal scene. ‘Caerus’ sees HeKz following in the footsteps of prog metal’s founding fathers Queensryche, Fate’s Warning & Psychotic Waltz by taking influence in equal parts from heavy metal legends and prog rock luminaries, mixing powerhouse vocals and death-defying fretboard acrobatics with creative arrangements and exotic time signatures without becoming indulgent or overcrowded. HeKz always put the song first, and the 10 tracks on their debut album demonstrate the band’s aptitude for songwriting.

Format: CD | Cat-No:18548 | Price: € 7,99  

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