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VÖ: 04.08.2017
Brand new on Black widow // Il Cerchio d'Oro from Savona only released three singles at the end of their career that had begun in 1974. Their beginnings were as one of the many symphonic oriented bands active in their area, with a strong influence by Le Orme. In fact their surviving recordings even include some early tracks played as a trio of keyboards/bass/drums. Unfortunately they couldn't manage to get a recording deal while still in their progressive years, and their only records releases are three singles, issued between 1977 and 1979.

Cerchio d'Oro was reformed in 2006 and released their first studio LP in 2008, a concept album entitled Il viaggio di Colombo, an interesting return to the 70's sound with a line-up featuring all original members, Franco Piccolini (keyboards), Giuseppe Terribile (bass, acoustic guitar and vocals), Gino Terribile (drums, vocals), Piuccio Pradal (12 string guitars and vocals), Roberto Giordana (guitar). We are proud to announce the new concept album about Daedalus and Icarus where the band goes ahead with their musical language strongly influenced by Orme, Trip, PFM, New Trolls and this time with some guests as Pino Sinnone (TRIP), Giorgio Fico" Piazza (PFM), Ettore Vigo and Martin Grice (DELIRIUM). "

Format: CD | Cat-No:24439 | Price: € 15,99  

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