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ISILDURS BANE & STEVE HOGARTH: Colours Not Found in Nature
This is a PROG SENSATION for 2017!
„Progressive Wunder gibt es immer wieder!“ - in dem Falle sind es gleich zwei! ISILDURS BANE, die schwedischen Prog-Rock-Pioniere sind nach jahrelanger CD-Abstinenz zurück und bringen als Texter und Sänger gleich den MARILLION-“h“ mit. Ergebnis dieser Zusammenarbeit ist „Colours Not Found In Nature“ - ein großartiges Album!
T.Koß/Musikreviews.de - 13/15 Punkten
Format: CD | BestellNr.: 23900
Preis: € 16,99


VÖ: 12.09.2017
Starting with MIND Vol. 1, Isildurs Bane will release new editions of the out of print albums MIND Vol. 1; The Voyage: A Trip to Elsewhere; and MIND Vol. 4. The albums will feature new artwork by Matti Engdahl (who designed Colours Not Found In Nature, Isildurs Bane's collaboration with Marillion's Steve Hogarth). The series will start in September with MIND Vol.I, the other albums will follow throughout 2017.

MIND Vol. 1 was originally released in 1997 to great acclaim and signals a new direction in the band's development with the arrival of percussionist Klas Assarsson, who is heavily featured on marimba, vibraphone and percussion. With an immaculate full production, this is an ambitious foray into an intricate fusion of art music and rock from the Zappa-esque The Flight Onward" via the movingly melodic "The Pilot" to the dark ambient prog of "Holistic Medicine". A perfect soundtrack for a movie yet to be made.

1. The Flight Onward - Phases 1-5 12.05
2. Ataraxia 3.27
3. In a State of Comprehension 4.24
4. The Pilot 5.38
5. Unity 3.31
6. Opportunistic Walk - Phases 1-2 15.15
7. Holistic Medicine 14.51
8. A Blank Page 3.08

All compositions by Mats Johansson.
Arranged and produced by Isildurs Bane.

Format: CD | Cat-No:24543 | Price: € 16,99  

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