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YURI GAGARIN: At The Centre Of All Infinity LP black
VÖ: 04.08.2017
The third press of Yuri Gagarin's 'At The Center Of All Infinity', originally released in 2015 and at that occasion sold out entirely within 24 hours. This edition is presented in a gatefold sleeve with artwork by Pahl Sundstrom. Expect top notch space rock from the genre's current epicentre, the city of Gothenburg in Sweden. Limited edition of 600 copies on black vinyl.
Format: LP | BestellNr.: 24454
Preis: € 23,99
YURI GAGARIN: Yuri Gagarin + 2
Limitierte CD-Neuauflage (300 Stück) mit 2 Bonustracks!
Format: CD | BestellNr.: 23500
Preis: € 15,99
YURI GAGARIN: Yuri Gagarin LP clear
VÖ: 23.02.2018
Neuauflage (500 Stück) als LP in clear.
Format: LP | BestellNr.: 25281
Preis: € 19,99
YURI GAGARIN: AT The Centre Of All Infinity
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Cosmonauts from the East and astronauts from the West have made us fantasize about space travel for about half a decade now. Since acts like Hawkwind started to provide mankind with a soundtrack to Nasas and Rosaviakosmos activities the Spacerock phenomenon has spread to all corners of our planet. The epicenter of this musical division of interstellar space exploration is the city of Gothenburg in Sweden, were bands like First Band From Outer Space, Hills, The Movements, Uran and Yuri Gagarin are the leading scientists.
Format: CD | BestellNr.: 21161
Preis: € 14,99


VÖ: 17.01.2017
Now on 10-inch vinyl, playing at 45rpm, this is a reissue of the band's 2015 7-inch 'Sea Of Dust'. Yuri Gagarin's music blends several genres into one driving force that has garnered the band a wide fan appeal in shoegaze, psychedelic/space rock, progressive rock and heavy rock circles.
Limited edition of 350 copies on BLACK VINYL.

Format: LP | BestellNr.:24938 | Preis: € 18,99  

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