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NINE DAYS WONDER: We Never Lost Control Digipak
VÖ: 08.12.2018
Originally released 1973, six-page digipak CD reissue. The group developed on this album a much more conventional prog rock (compared with their first album, anyway) where Seyffer was now dominating the creation process but sharing it with keyboardist/saxman Münster. The resulting organ-driven prog is quite pleasant, where percussions and drums cohabitation is a NDW trademark over Bundt's funky bass work and the odd sax with some cool guitar solos and the odd mellotron, the whole thing often presenting a frequent frantic mood. From organ-lead heavy prog to jazz-rock, the album swings through a certain range of climates.
Format: CD | BestellNr.: 25180
Preis: € 16,99


VÖ: 08.12.2018
Originally Released 1976, six-page digipak CD reissue. Similar to the Only The Dancers" album Nine Days Wonder was more rocking with this 4th and last album. With 2 new guitarists (replacing Rolf Hennings) the sound got more guitar oriented, towards a twin guitar sound. Again the songs are very melodic and powerful.

Formed as far back as 66, this group recorded their wild debut album (between Zappa, Soft Machine, King Crimson and Deep Purple, ) as a fairly international quintet (4 different nationalities between the five of them) before breaking up the following year, with their sax player, John Earle joining Gnidrolog for their classic Lady Lake. Singer-drummer Seyffer then joined the group Medusa, which soon became the second line-up of NDW and by the start of 73, they were recording their We Never Lost Control, which was more conventional prog (Nektar comes to mind). NDW stayed a very unstable unit with their straight rock album Only The Dancer recorded as a quartet in England and on which VdGG's Jackson guests on a few tracks. The group's last album Sonnet To Billy Frost was a British-sounding rock opera.

Format: CD | BestellNr.:25181 | Preis: € 16,99  

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