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VÖ: 27.10.2017
GEP are very pleased to announce they've teamed up with Unitopia for a special deluxe edition release of their debut album More Than A Dream .
Originally released in 2005 as a single CD, More Than A Dream The Dream Complete is presented in a triple digipak with 24 page booklet, and features the original album re-mastered by Sean Timms and Matt Williams.

Disc one contains the re-mastered album, disc two features 70 minutes of remixes and re-workings of the album tracks, whilst disc three has a further 70 minutes of remixes, rare and unreleased tracks.

With nearly two and a half hours of extras - including brand new track The Dream Complete written especially for this release - and stunning all-new artwork from Ed Unitsky this is a beautifully designed package. We're really pleased to be associated with this product and we'll be releasing it on 20th October.

Disc 1:
Common Goal Fate Justify Take Good Care Ride More Than A Dream Slow Down Lives Go 'Round Still Here Unitopia (Bolus Track) There's A Place (Bonus Track)

Disc 2:
Common Goal (Matt's re-work) Fate (Matt's re-work) Justify (Matt's re-work) Take Good Care (Original demo with alternate chorus) Ride (Sean's re-work) Ride (Extended 321 mix) More Than A Dream (Sean's re-work) Slow Down (Sean's re-mix) Lives Go 'Round (Sean's re-mix) Still Here (Matt's re-work) Still Here (Sean's re-work)

Disc 3:
The Outsider (Originally released on The Stories of H. P. Lovecraft) Decameron Date 6 Tale 9 (Originally released on Decameron - 10 Days in 100 Novellas Pt2) Haunted Storm (Previously unreleased) Ride (Dance mix) There's A Place (Dance mix) Common Goal (Dance mix) Fate (Dance mix) This Life (1996 unreleased demo) Time For Change (1996 unreleased demo) The Dream Complete (New song written especially for this release)

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