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MAGMA: Slag Tanz
Für den Magmafan ist "Šlag Tanz" sicher ein guter Start ins neue Jahr und in jedem Fall seinen Preis wert.
Format: CD | BestellNr.: 18988
Preis: € 10,99
MAGMA: Zühn Wöhl Ünsai: Live 1974 2LP
VÖ: 29.09.2017
Erstaunlicher Live-Mitschnitt der Kult-Prog-Band aus Frankreich. Perfekte Ergänzung zum Lebenswerk „Magma“s auf dem Höhepunkt Ihres Schaffens. Aufwendige Edition als 2LP auf 180 gr. Vinyl im Klappcover.
Format: LP | BestellNr.: 24149
Preis: € 21,99
MAGMA: Retrospektiw Vol. 1, 2 & 3 3LP
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The first 10 years of Magma were celebrated on three memorable evenings in June 1980 at the Olympia theatre in Paris. This retrospective, recorded on these evenings and reuniting most of the musicians who had performed in the group, was originally issued as two albums:
'Retrospektïw 1/2 (2LP) and 'Retrospektïw' 3.
Limited edition of 1.500 handnumbered copies. Includes original artwork by Eva Nahon and a large, foldable black and white comic book about Magma by Solé, Dister and Gotlib.
Format: LP | BestellNr.: 25159
Preis: € 69,99
2DVD Digi Live concert from November 2014 at Paris Le Triton:
Initiated in 1973, ist composition beholds ist whole fulfillment after more than four decades. It is the testimony of an unwaveringly timeless inspiration, of which the expectant present asserts itself beyond history. Connecting wide and contrasted scenes, it sets ist coherence within ist very dynamics, playing with chiaroscuro , between choral splendor, operatic jubilation and hurricane of spirits beyond graves. The different parts formerly scattered around are finally gathered in all their glory, finding their proper place in the grand scale of a now complete work, topped off with the bright blaze of a Grand Finale.
Format: DVD | BestellNr.: 23017
Preis: € 19,99


VÖ: 19.09.2014
French prog legends MAGMA have signed to Jazz Village. Over the next 18 months the label will release new works as well as undertaking a major vinyl re-issue programme. The first release is a dramatic reworking of the epic track Rïah Sahïltaahk - now available as a mini-album on CD and LP. Rïah Sahïltaahk, the Kobaïan who set out after the others despite their disapproval, who considered himself superior, who thought he could convert the enemies of Kobaïa to the Kobaïan spirit. But he failed, and wound up alone. On the allegorical stopover planet of Malaria he confronts the full fury of the elements, imagining he will emerge triumphant. His ship almost completely submerged, he is finally forced to implore the elements for mercy but to no avail. He disappears, drowned, swept away in a storm of elemental trance. After the clamor… silence. History and Context: The original version of Rïah Sahïltaahk formed Side 1 of the group's second album 1001° Centigrades, recorded in 1971. At the time Christian Vander was unhappy with the arrangement written by the group, and indeed the line-up changed after the album's release. This radically new version, adapted to suit the group s current line-up and classical voices, is more faithful to the spirit of Magma s music and ist uniquely weird and wonderful nature.

1. Watseï Kobaïa 4:41 2. Di Mahntër Sahïltaahk 3:01 3. Süri sï Toïdo 3:31 4. Ün zoïn glaö 3:11 5. Ïss walomëhn Dôm 2:25 6. Bradïa ëtnah 2:24 7. Môm loïlë 3:46 8. Wöleï 1:29

Format: CD | BestellNr.:18414 | Preis: € 9,99  

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