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KARDA ESTRA: Infernal Spheres
VÖ: 21.04.2017
Infernal Spheres is another fine release from Richard Wileman who continues on the crest of a creative wave. His skill at taking chamber classical, jazz and rock influences and turning them into something new is beyond reproach and he continues to give his audience fascinating and intelligent music of real depth. It certainly makes you think, leading me happily to a nihilistic conclusion that ultimately, however important we think we are, our insignificance is underlined by the complete reliance we have on narrowly defined boundaries ruled by the physical laws of these Infernal Spheres and, like dust, they will soon put paid to everything we value or hold dear.
Format: CD | BestellNr.: 23965
Preis: € 16,99


VÖ: 23.09.2016
Karda Estra's 12th album 'Time And Stars' collects the two Eps 'The Seas & The Stars' and 'Future Sounds' on a new special edition CD released on the Believers Roast label. 'The Seas And The Stars' chronicles the collision between the Andromeda galaxy and our own Milky Way, the eventual end of everything, a celestial intervention and a return to where everything began - viewed from an impossible, empty shoreline.
'Future Sounds' includes the track 'Yondo', inspired by the weird fiction story 'The Abominations Of Yondo' by Clark Ashton Smith, 'Niall' - a new collaboration with Muffins drummer Paul Sears and a song for Yuletide 'Season's Greet'. 'A delightfully, unsettling gothic ambience seeps from Time And Stars, the latest release from Karda Estra. Lovely stuff.' Sid Smith (Twitter) 'Karda Estra has always provided the soundtrack to truly big ideas, deep thoughts and boundless expanse…' Dave Franklin.

Format: CD | BestellNr.:22701 | Preis: € 9,99  

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