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VÖ: 14.10.2016
VERGLAS MUSIC: This brand new DVD features a full Revisualised" 1983 Marillion show (as performed at the Hammersmith Odeon) filmed at the legendary venue the Boerderji, Netherlands, April 2016. Performed by the MICK POINTER BAND,

This is Marillion’s Platinum selling album Script for a Jesters Tear played live in ist entirety for the first time on one DVD!! Features all of Marillion’s early material including "Grendel" and chart single, "Market square heroes".

1. Script for a Jesters Tear
2. He Knows, You Know
3. The Web
4. Garden Party
5. Chelsea Monday
6. Forgotten Sons
7. Three Boats Down From the Candy
8. Charting the Single
9. Grendel
10. Market Square Heroes

• Live DVD recorded by Mick Pointer (ARENA) and his band to celebrate Marillion's Script For A Jester Tear album (on which he performed).
• This is Marillion’s Platinum selling album "Script for a Jesters Tear" played live in ist entirety for the first time on one DVD!!
• Recorded in The Netherlands, April 2016 on the 33rd anniversary of the release of “"Script for a Jesters Tear"
• Features Marillion's 1983 Hammersmith Odeon shows "Revisualised" in tribute to their classic debut album!
• Mick Pointer formed and Named Marillion and played and wrote on all of these Marillion songs, STILL their most successful period!
• The "Script for a Jesters Tear" album has now sold over 3 million copies
• Recorded and Mixed by Simon Hanhart (ASIA, MARILLION etc.) the original recording mixing engineer on "Script for a Jesters Tear" for EMI in 1983
• Features Nick Barratt of PENDRAGON on Guitar
• NTSC region 0

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