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VÖ: 09.12.2016
Das neue Studioalbum des in New Jersey beheimatetem Blues-Rockers Matt O'Ree entstand unter Mithilfe von Bruce Springsteen und David Bryan.

VÖ: 16.12.2016 Blueslastigen Hardrock mit kernigen Gitarrenriffs und ganz besonderen Gästen gibt es auf "Brotherhood" zu hören, dem neuen Album der Matt O'Ree Band. Der 1972 geborene Sänger, Gitarrist und Songwriter Matt O'Ree stammt aus New Jersey. Da fallen uns natürlich große Acts wie Bon Jovi und Bruce Springsteen ein, und tatsächlich hat O'Ree für sein neues Album prominente Unterstützung durch sowohl David Bryan (Keyboards bei Bon Jovi) als auch durch den Boss himself erhalten. Neben Bruce Springsteen ist außerdem Steve Cropper von der legendären Blues Brothers Band mit von der Partie. Matt O'Ree ließ sich für sein neues Album durch seine Jugend inspirieren. In seinem Elternhaus liefen abwechselnd Country und Blues, und aus diesen Genres schöpft er für "Brotherhood", verschmilzt sie gekonnt mit bodenständigem Hardrock und wandelt zwischendurch auf groovenden Clapton- und Hendrix-Pfaden. Zwischendurch darf es auch gerne mal in die Classic-Rock-Ecke gehen wie zum Beispiel mit 'Born Under A Bad Sign', und die Ballade 'Leave Your Light On' mit David Bryan an den Keyboards geht in die typische Bon-Jovi-Schmachtecke, kann aber dennoch durch gutes Songwriting und eine hängenbleibende Melodie überzeugen. The Boss himself mischt gleich im Opner 'Black Boots' an Gitarren und Gesang mit und gibt dem O'Ree-Song den typischen Springsteen-Touch. Bei 'I Don't Dance' sorgt schließlich Mr. Steve Cropper für ordentliches Blues-Feeling. (Hard)Rock, Blues, Classic- und Southern Rock: Matt O'Ree und seine Jungs decken viele Genres ab und fühlen sich überall zu Hause. Die Songs sind durch die Bank weg gut geschrieben und überzeugen durch Abwechslung und viel hörbares Herzblut. Wer also offen für viele Genres ist, dürfte bei dem Herren aus New Jersey und seiner musikalischen Bruderschaft goldrichtig liegen.
(Michael / whiskey-soda.de)

After almost two years of stressing, planning and negotiating, we can finally announce the upcoming release of ‘Brotherhood’,” says Matt O’Ree. O’Ree spent the second half of 2015 touring stadiums with Bon Jovi, a natural fit given O’Ree’s now solid history with founding Bon Jovi member, keyboardist David Bryan. Bryan appears at gigs regularly to jam with the O’Ree Band. Together, they co-wrote the single “My Everything is You”. The song, produced by Bryan, will be featured on the new album. “Matt is a great talent and friend. It was my pleasure to write and play on the record and support Matt and his band in every way,” says Bryan. But with O’Ree it’s not all about the company he keeps. His first solo album, ’88 Miles’, was well received by national media and secured him opening slots for such notables as Blue Oyster Cult, Blues Traveler and Marshall Tucker. Since, he’s gone on to release several records. Most notably was ‘Shelf Life’ in 2005 and a precursor to four Asbury Park Music awards for “Best Blues Band,” “Best Guitarist,” “Best Local Release” and “Best Song of the Year” for the song “Saints & Sinners.” That success led to another tribute the following year when he won Guitarmageddon’s “King of Blues” guitar contest, hosted by B.B. King and John Mayer. O’Ree proved best from a pool of 4,000 guitarists to win for the title. A ‘Brotherhood’ track already garnering major attention; “Black Boots.” This track co-penned by O’Ree and Jon Leidersdorff of the Lakehouse Recording Studio in Asbury Park features Bruce Springsteen on co-Lead Vocals and Guitar. Insider’s calling it a masterful Springsteen performance with a ripping guitar solo. Springsteen calling it “sexy, dirty rock and roll.” “Many have asked how the Bruce appearance came to be. Well I taught his son guitar for many years. I grew very close to him, he was like my little brother, he really became an amazing friend. One day he asked if I had anything new of mine he could listen to. At the time I was working on “Black Boots” with Jon (Bon Jovi), one of the first finished versions. After playing it for him, he played it for his Dad, without me even knowing. The next week at the lesson, I saw Bruce and he commented that he liked what I was up to. That was a defining moment for me and with every ounce of courage I had, I asked Bruce if he would be interested in playing on it. With a pause he thought for a second, and then said; ‘sure. Let me see what I can add to it.’ All I remember were overwhelming feelings of joy running through me. One incredible moment in an otherwise average day for a kid from Holmdel,” recalls O’Ree on Springsteen’s appearance on the record. Bruce Buchanan is the producer of the rest of the album who masterfully revives that early ’70’s rock feel – recording in analog – using techniques similar to those made famous by artists such as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. Encouraging an O’Ree blues-based, old-soul jam session upwards of 10 minutes and mastering it down to a charged-up, ignited album-friendly 4-5 minute track.In addition to Matt O’Ree Band members; ‘Brotherhood’ also features guest appearances by Stax guitar legend Steve Cropper, Matt Wade and Dave Archer for a sum product that with O’Ree’s raspy vocals deliver soul, power and feeling.

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