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RE-STONED: Reptiles Return LP green
VÖ: 04.11.2016
Lim. to 200 copies green vinyl // 180gr. Vinyl + card 15 x 15cm & sticker!!
Format: LP | BestellNr.: 23809
Preis: € 24,99
RE-STONED: Reptiles Return LP green
VÖ: 04.11.2016
Lim. LP-Auflage: 200 Stück im grünen 180gr. Vinyl + card 15 x 15cm & sticker!!
Ilya Lipkin, the Grandmaster of this Moscow psychedelic fuzz orchestra, and his associates made an attempt to rethink the legacy of the primal days of the band. This LP contains their very first EP 'Return To The Reptiles', but with one track remixed, two re-recorded and two more remastered. Also included are four acoustic pieces and psychedelic soundscapes which were composed and recorded during the period 2013-2016.
Format: LP | BestellNr.: 22993
Preis: € 22,99


VÖ: 24.04.2017
Limited to 200 copies on PURPLE vinyl, this is a reissue of THE RE-STONED's second studio album, 'Analog'. It took shape in just two weeks when the band's core duo of guitarist Ilya Lipkin and bassist Vladimir Nikulin teamed up with Vladimir Muchnov, the drummer for ARK OF PASSAGE and LORD OF DOUBTS.

All seven instrumentals were invented, improvised, and recorded live-in-the-studio with minimal guitar overdubs and a light doze of background studio trickery. There are no traditional song-structures here, though each piece is amazingly focused. This is heavily produced acid-rock at ist best!

Format: LP | BestellNr.:23969 | Preis: € 22,99  

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