GANDALF's FIST launches video The Clokkemaker

Visualisation video for "The Clokkemaker" by Gandalf's Fist. Taken from the steampunk concept "The Clockwork Prologue" released 1st July 2019.’

Click here to watch on Youtube!

Return to Cogtopolis! “The Clockwork Prologue” is a 2-CD ‘Expansion Pack’ for 2016’s “The Clockwork Fable” it features an extension of the original story and is packed with brand new Gandalf’s Fist music and story! As you can expect, actors Mark Benton, Tim Munro, Paul Kavanagh and Bill Fellows are back to bring the world of Cogtopolis to life! The album comes with the usual high standard of Digipak packaging as well as full colour booklet.

© 2019 Gandalf's Fist, all rights reserved  


Tags: video
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