RIVERSIDE release new single/video "Self-Aware"

Today, Poland’s pioneering and leading Progressive Rock band RIVERSIDE are pleased to present a second single for their upcoming studio album "ID.Entity", to be released via InsideOutMusic on January 20th, 2023.

Check out the album’s closing track "Self-Aware" in its ‘Single Edit’ version and with an entertaining video clip directed by Marcin Zawadziński and Mariusz Duda here: 

RIVERSIDE’s Mariusz Duda checked in with the following comment about the new single: "'Self-Aware' is a song which summarises the entire album, and talks about how it’s difficult these days to live in a society and ignore all the social changes, how you can’t simply be passive, 'shut yourself off', or 'hole up deep in the woods'. We need each other in order to change something in our lives. Not everything can be done single-handedly; 'I have to be better than others, I have to be the best' is not a good mantra. We need cooperation to achieve goals. And it’s important that this message comes not from a solo artist, but from a band, whose success lies mostly in cooperation within the band and interaction with their listeners."

"ID.Entity", the group’s 8th studio album was recorded and mixed in two studios - The Boogie Town Studio in Otwock with Paweł Marciniak and in Serakos studio in Warsaw with Magda and Robert Srzedniccy -, mastered by Robert Szydło and produced by RIVERSIDE’s Mariusz Duda himself. The "ID.Entity" artwork was created by Polish artist Jarek Kubicki.

Here is the standard track-listing for the album:

RIVERSIDE - "ID.Entity" (53:11)
1. Friend or Foe? (07:29)
2. Landmine Blast (04:50)
3. Big Tech Brother (07:24)
4. Post-Truth (05:37)
5. The Place Where I Belong (13:16)
6. I'm Done With You (05:52)
7. Self-Aware (8:43)

The bonus material appearing on "ID.Entity" includes the instrumental tracks "Age of Anger" (11:56) and "Together Again" (06:29) as well as "Friend or Foe? (Single Edit)" (05:59) and "Self-Aware (Single Edit)" (05:29).

RIVERSIDE line-up:
(From left to right)
Michał Łapaj - keyboards and Hammond Organ
Mariusz Duda - vocal, bass
Piotr Kozieradzki - drums
Maciej Meller - guitar


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