SIENA ROOT mit Video zur Tour

Just in time for their German tour, Siena Root have released their new video for the track "In The Fire" - check it out here:

Siena Root is on tour again!

This time the spotlight will be on their recent successful collaboration with blues singer Lisa Lystam, as well as the upcoming single release "In the Fire". The band is hitting the road in the middle of their work on the next album.

New single by Siena Root - available now!

Siena Root:

Love Forsberg - percussion

Sam Riffer - bass guitar

Matte Gustafsson - guitar

Errka Petersson - organ

With special guest Lisa Lystam on vocals!


Recorded in Silence Studios (Koppom, SE) and Root Rock Studios (Stockholm, SE)

Tape Operator: Per Ängkvist

Mixed in Root Rock studios by Siena Root

Mastered at Cosmos Mastering by Christofer Stannow

Camera by Fasica Watchefo

Video editing by Isabelle Edsmyr

Special thanks to: BBBuss JAM Stockholm




© 2019 M.I.G. Music / Siena Root


Tags: video
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