Mundo Aéreo (Spanish lyrics)

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  • 04.11.2016
Das 5. Studioalbum der spanischen Classic-Rocker zeigt die Band deutlich experimentierfreudiger... mehr

Das 5. Studioalbum der spanischen Classic-Rocker zeigt die Band deutlich experimentierfreudiger in Sound und Struktur.

Eldorado is an experienced Classic Rock band, full of artistic nuances that grew around stages from different countries and continents. In the last 3 years the band has played 150 concerts across Europe. Their music reminds the great bands of the golden Rock decades, but with a completely current proposal and an unmistakable personality; once you heard Eldorado you will always recognize the band. During the past year Eldorado has been preparing their fifth album “Riding the Sun”. It was recorded and mixed in August/September 2016 in Brazil Studios. The band has recorded the album live, capturing the essence of the vibe and magic of their 60-70s inspired music. It contains a collection of songs worked extensively, the result of experimentation both in sound and in structures, with dirty riffs, catchy grooves and melodies, intuition and impulsivity, melancholic moments and wild trances that recreate a nearby world to the band live, songs that keep the fire they had when they were created. The fifth album of Eldorado is bright, relentless and warm. It will be launched in November, the 15th.