A Tribute To The Madmen (Marc Bolan / David Bowie) 3CD box

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  • 09.02.2018
3CD box set with poster cards booklet pin  Sooner or later we had to do this tribute to... mehr

3CD box set with poster cards booklet pin 

Sooner or later we had to do this tribute to these two legends of Glam Rock. Because above all WE LOVE these two genius and what they represented for Rock History. There are many many bands involved in these 3 Cds… 200’ of music and real passion, we had to stop or Cds would become 5 or 6… a large request for participation. David’s departure seems impossible and weighs heavily on the world of music and art in general and Marc death is always an open wound for me and all T. Rex fans; but their music is immortal and comes every day through their albums, the activity of various fan clubs around the world, and also through movies and spots, where it become a hymn that lives beyond time. Today, September 30th 2017, it would have been 70th Marc birthday, so it is the right moment to release this 3Cds Tribute Box to commemorate him and his friend and rival David. Just the same David some journalists used to ask “Do you still think about Marc sometimes?”. He sadly replied simply “Everyday of my life”. We like to think they are somewhere playing those songs they were writing together and that never officially came out on earth…

CD 1

1. PAUL ROLAND Meadows Of The Sea 4:35 2. PAUL ROLAND The Prettiest Star 3:29 3. BARI WATTS By the light of a magical moon 2:59 4. BARI WATTS Lady Stardust 3:40 5. ADRIAN SHAW Jeepster 3:56 6. ADRIAN SHAW It ain’t easy 3:41 7. THE DANSE SOCIETY Ride A White Swan 2:38 8. THE DANSE SOCIETY Scary Monster 5:10 9. V. PERAINO KINGDOM COME Monolith 4:49 10. V. PERAINO KINGDOM COME Panic In Detroit 4:03 11. La FABBRICA DELL’ASSOLUTO Metropolis 3:16 12. La FABBRICA DELL’ASSOLUTO Big Brother 4:26 13. DEATH SS 20th Century Boy 3:40 14. DEATH SS Cat People (Putting Out Fire) 4:11 15. PRESENCE Children Of The Revolution 3:16 16. PRESENCE We are the dead 5:05 17. FRANCK CARDUCCI The Slider 3:25 18. FRANCK CARDUCCI Life On Mars 4:16

CD 2:

19. THE HOUNDS OF HASSELVANDER Chariot Choogle 3:25 20. THE HOUNDS OF HASSELVANDER Cracked Actor 3:33 21. BLOODING MASK Beltane Walk 3:28 22. BLOODING MASK The Heart‘s Filthy Lesson 3:43 23. IL SEGNO DEL COMANDO Mambo Sun 7:02 24. IL SEGNO DEL COMANDO Ashes To Ashes 7:22 25. SOPHYA BACCINI’S ARADIA Cosmic Dancer 4:53 26. SOPHYA BACCINI’S ARADIA Velvet Goldmine 3:04 27. SILVIA CESANA AND THE BAND Girl 3:56 28. SILVIA CESANA AND THE BAND Heroes 3:41 29. O.A.K. Oscillazioni Alchemico Kreative Cat Black 3:51 30. O.A.K. Oscillazioni Alchemico Kreative The man who sold the world 4:59 31. WITCHWOOD Childe Star 6:36 32. WITCHWOOD Rock’n’roll Suicide 3:00 33. ELOHIM Ride A White Swan 3:05 34. ELOHIM Let’s dance 3:56

CD 3

35. NORTHWINDS Childe 1:52 36. NORTHWINDS Space Oddity 5:15 37. FREDDY DELIRIO Buick Mackane 3:35 38. FREDDY DELIRIO Rebel Rebel 4:30 39. GENERAL STRATOCUSTER & The MARSHALS Metal Guru 2:43 40. GENERAL STRATOCUSTER & The MARSHALS Moonage Daydream 4:42 41. THE MUGSHOTS Pain And Love 4:46 42. THE MUGSHOTS China Girl 5:32 43. ELECTRIC SWAN Midnight 4:11 44. RAMA AMOEBA Telegram Sam 4:46 45. RAMA AMOEBA Dandy in the Underworld 5:13 46. LANDSKAP Ballrooms Of Mars 6:41 47. LANDSKAP Look Back In Anger 5:37 48. BLUE DAWN Rip Off 4:29 49. BLUE DAWN Warszawa 5:48