Bright Lights: The Albums 1979-1981 5CD Boxset

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  • 29.07.2019
5CD Box-Set mit den drei Studio-Alben "Survivors", "Head On" und "Shock Tactics", die zwischen... mehr

5CD Box-Set mit den drei Studio-Alben "Survivors", "Head On" und "Shock Tactics", die zwischen 1979 und 1981 erschienen, einem Live-Set vom Reading-Festival 1981 und dem von Tony Platt neu abgemischtem "Head On"-Album, das hier zum ersten Mal auf CD veröffentlicht wird. Zahlreiche Bonustracks und ein Poster in der Box gibt es obendrein.

This 5CD set collects together the three albums released by the influential classic hard rock and NWOBHM band, Samson, featuring lead guitarist Paul Samson, as well as a live set from 1981.

Samson’s career goes back to the mid-1970s London pub and club circuit, with a membership that has included over the years John McCoy (Gillan, Mammoth), Nicky Moore (Mammoth) Clive Burr (Iron Maiden), Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), Dave ‘Bucket’ Colwell (Bad Company), Mel Gaynor (Nolans, Simple Minds) Pete Jupp & Merv Goldsworthy (FM) & legendary drummer Thunderstick. The band are renowned for being at the forefront of what became known as the “New Wave Of British Heavy Metal” (or NWOBHM), alongside Iron Maiden, Angel Witch, Def Leppard and Saxon. Operating originally as a trio, by July 1979 the band had expanded to a four-piece with the addition of future Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson. Over the following two years they released “Head On” and “Shock Tactics”, and toured with Rainbow, Uriah Heep and Robin Trower, among others.

Produced by Gillan’s John McCoy, Samson released debut “Survivors” in 1979, featured on CD1, by which time the band had coalesced around lead guitarist Paul, drummer Thunderstick, bass guitarist Chris Aylmer. The then unknown singer going by the Monty Python inspired name Bruce Bruce, now much better known as Bruce Dickinson joined after the album had been put to tape. As well as the ‘Mr Rock ‘N’ Roll’ single, bonus tracks include alternative versions of seven tracks from “Survivors” featuring Bruce on vocals.

In 1980 Samson released “Head On”, featuring the NWOBHM classic single ‘Vice Versa’, and the first full album to feature Bruce Dickinson’s vocals. The album also features the song ‘Thunderburst’ co-written with Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris. The bonus cuts are ‘Angel With A Machine Gun’ (7? B-Side), ‘Kingsway Jam’ and ‘Vice Versa’ (7” Edit).

CD3 is the whole of the “Head On” album, remixed by Tony Platt, and available on CD for the very first time.

Samson looked poised to enter the big time with 1981’s “Shock Tactics” on CD4. Kicking off with the Russ Ballard penned rocker ‘Riding With The Angels’, the album includes the classic ‘Earth Mother’ and features the bonus tracks ‘Little Big Man’, ‘Pyramid To The Stars’ and ‘Losing My Grip’.

This 5CD set finishes with their triumphant show at the 1981 Reading Festival when they played on a bill featuring Gillan, Rose Tattoo and Billy Squier. In a show kicking off with ‘Big Brother’ and featuring ‘Nice Girl’, ‘Earth Mother’, ‘Vice Versa’, and ‘Riding With The Angels’, it remains a fitting tribute to this early era of Samson. Following the 1981 Reading show, Bruce Dickinson left for worldwide success with Iron Maiden, joining ex-Samson drummer Clive Burr for 1982’s “The Number Of The Beast” LP. Paul would carry on with various line-ups of Samson, most notably with powerhouse vocalist Nicky Moore, where the band took a much more blues orientated direction, until his sad and untimely death in 2002.

Capturing the halcyon days of the band’s career, and produced in conjunction with NWOBHM expert John Tucker, and Samson’s archive curator Rob Grain, “BRIGHT LIGHTS: THE ALBUMS 1979-1981” is essential for fans of quality Classic Hard Rock & NWOBHM.





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