THE PINEAPPLE THIEF , UK's ART ROCK STARS veröffentlichen zweite Single und neues Album.

THE PINEAPPLE THIEF – "Try As I Might" - digital Single (Kscope/Edel)

Das Nachfolgealbum des 2015er Albums "Your Wilderness", ist das zweite mit King Crimson und Porcupine Tree Drum-Virtuose Gavin Harrison. Am 31.08.  erscheint das neue Album THE PINEAPPLE THIEF – "Dissolution" (Kscope/Edel) in folgenden Formaten: CD/Black LP/Crystal Clear LP/Blu-ray in a 24/96 DTS-HD MA 5.1 surround sound mix and 24/96 hi-res stereo audio/Deluxe 4 disc edition

The Pineapple Thief – Dissolution Tour 2018/2019

17.09. Bremen - Schlachthof

18.09. Hannover - Musikzentrum

19.09. Berlin - Lido

25.09. AT - Wien - Szene

26.09. München - Backstage Werk

27.09. Aschaffenburg-  Colos-Saal

28.09. Köln - Live Music Hall


Pressestimmen zum neuen Album:

Westzeit 5/6: "Dissolution ist wie eine Packung eines Antibiotikums - immer schön ALLE nehmen - dann wirkt dieses wunderbare Album richtig."

Metal Hammer 6/7: "Mit perfektem melodischem Prog-Gespür… Ein nachdenkliches, introspektives, aber auch sehr schönes Album."

Classic Rock: "…sie [die Platte] hat Tiefgang, ungewöhnliche Arrangements, interessante Akkordfolgen und -strukturen, und sie erzählt Geschichten, die über das übliche Lust&Libido-Gedöns anderer Sparten weit hinausgehen."

Break Out: "„Dissolution“ ist ein starkes Album geworden, das voller Details steckt und trotzdem auf seine Weise eingängig ist, nachhaltig eingängig."


Sänger, Songwriter und Gitarrist Bruce Soord zum neuen Video:"The video follows the theme of the song and the album - if you sign up to this hyper connected world we live in, then you have to live with the consequences. Try as you might to get out of it." The futuristic clip was created by Blacktide Phonic/Visual ( director George Laycock, who expands on how he created the film “When The Pineapple Thief came to me with their track ‘Try as I might’, they had a broad basis for an idea for a music video that dealt with a social media obsessed 'connected' world.

This had nods to previous films and television like ‘The Truman Show’, ‘Black Mirror’, the ‘Big Brother’ landscape and its preceding shows, so it was about creating a storyline using these broad influences and encapsulating into an obscure 3 minute film on a budget.

I was interested in the concept of ‘in eye cameras’, scary technology I am sure isn’t too far away from us. We decided to go down the optical medical route and follow our character on a journey from first pre-operation, to surgery, recovery and then trying to battle the decision he has made, whilst battling with the corporation he has signed up too. The film hopefully leaves the viewer to create their own conceptions on his outcome.

We filmed it all on the Dorset/Devon coastline around where I live and were fortunate to be able to secure great locations to shoot in with a few favours, including a remote seaside post-modern house, a private beach and a real working hospital and opticians.

To keep the cast down to a minimum I decided that the camera that is watching Bruce would become the main supporting actor and his nemesis, appearing in scenes without anyone operating it. This allowed us to see the cameras point of view and tell the story to the fictional viewer. This old broadcast camera weighed an absolute ton, and carrying through remote woods, down a mile-long steep cliff path to a beach was a challenge on some of the hottest days of the year. Filming in the water at the end was a welcome refreshment.

Many thanks to all those who helped with the film, especially everyone involved at Yeovil hospital for allowing us such amazing access, and to Bruce for being so amenable about having scalpels inches from his eyeball.”

The Pineapple Thief have grown to become one of the leading lights of Europe’s experimental rock domain, Your Wilderness produced 4m+ album streams, a #7 in the UK Independent Charts and two extensive headline European tours culminating at London’s Islington Assembly Hall where the concert was recorded for the live release Where We Stood, and their new album Dissolution promises to propel the band to even greater heights.

Bruce Soord reveals more about the themes within Dissolution “broadly speaking the title reflects the disintegration of relationships and the undoing of our social fabric.  We’re living in a time when supposedly we are more connected than ever before, but, I personally am at my happiest when I unplug that connection.

Bruce Soord elaborates on the writing and recording process We’ve once again been joined by Gavin Harrison. It’s been a real collaborative journey between the 4 of us writing and recording this record, with the songs taking on a life of their own.  When everyone pulls in the same direction, amazing things can happen.  The Pineapple Thief is a different proposition with Gavin.  This time he was with me from the inception of ‘Dissolution’ and together we took the songs into territory I wouldn’t have found on my own. We found ourselves pushing each other so much further, both technically and artistically. There were times in the depths of the writing and recording process, which took 6 months, that I felt so exhilarated but at the same time exhausted and overwhelmed, that I couldn’t imagine us ever finishing the record.  Every day we found ourselves finding that extra something we didn’t know we had.  None of us would let anyone or anything get in the way of what we felt the album should become.  I look back on the process with immense pride”

Gavin Harrison stated “It’s been fantastic to collaborate with these guys again – especially as this time I’ve been involved from the ground up. It’s been a most inspiring effort and I think it will prove to be the best yet."

Dissolutionwas recorded across the UK at the band member’s various studios, Bruce explains “The drums were recorded and mixed by Gavin at his studio, ‘Bourne Place’ in London.  He has the best sounding live room I have heard and gets an incredible drum mix.  Gavin would send me a stereo drum mix that he would constantly tweak as the songs progressed.  Jon records his bass at his studio north of Leicester.   Steve records his keyboards at his mastering studio in Exeter and I record and mix the rest here in my studio (Soord Studios) in Yeovil, Somerset.   It may seem odd that we were able to create something as ‘a band’ when we are so far apart.  But we talked almost daily.  Technology means ideas can be shared instantly.  We were effectively jamming a lot of the time.  Just a bit further apart.”

Dissolutionfeatures cover art artwork from iconic design agency Stylorouge, who have produced artwork for the likes of Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Blur and the British film Trainspotting.

The Pineapple Thief have grown to become one of the leading lights of Europe’s experimental rock domain, Your Wilderness produced 4m+ album streams, a #7 in the UK Independent Charts and two extensive headline European tours culminating at London’s Islington Assembly Hall where the concert was recorded for the live release Where We Stood.

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